Now, more than ever, premium airline seats using frequent flyer points are harder to come by, with more flyers holding large stashes of points – but sadly, there's less availability due to airlines playing financial catchup after mass global lockdowns.

Living in Australia, QANTAS, Velocity and AMEX points are incredibly easy to earn in everyday life - supermarket shopping, electricity providers, fuel purchases and credit card signups with huge bonus points.

I find the reward flights and book them for you to make things easier.

With Pointy End Flights, there is no cost to you unless a successful booking is made. There are many quirks to booking reward seats and sometimes a little creativity is required. So, if you have a last minute trip come up (or a trip further down the track), why not check and see if you can use some of those stagnant points rather than paying full retail price? The best ROI for points is using them up the pointy end in premium cabins for long haul travel.

What's required?

Departure and arrival points, preferred dates, number of passengers

Honest Disclaimer: despite what somebody may have told you, chances are, you're not going to get four Business Class seats for the family on the same flight from Melbourne to London at the height of the European summer or during school holidays. It's worth a try, but you need to have realistic expectations. If you're a family of four, you might need to split into two groups of 2 and/or have a couple of nights stopover on the way.

Frequent Flyer & Reward programs you're a member of

The number of points with each airline program/alliance and any status you may hold. Seats disappear quickly, so the ability to make a snap decision is important as available seats can't be held and disappear quickly.

QANTAS login and copy of passport/s

Regarding any concern relating to your QANTAS Frequent Flyer login information. It is definitely not in my interest to transfer your QANTAS points to me. One call by you to QANTAS and the transfer would be reversed and my account would be frozen and deactivated. I have a large stash of QANTAS points and if my account was deactivated, I'd lose them all. I am keen to retain people for future business, so this is not a master plan to acquire QFF points deviously.

Flying up the Pointy End

Total cost for a successful redemption is airline taxes (varies depending on airline and route) + my fee (which varies depending on route/pax and other variables) + the points required by the airline for the flight redemption (these also vary).

Points Example: Melbourne - Singapore flying QANTAS business Class is 68,400 QANTAS points per person, one way.